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cybersecurity expert witness, Dr. Eric Cole

Cybercrime is on the rise, and the cost and number of successful breaches continue to increase. In many cybercrime cases, the ruling comes down to how technical evidence is explained to attorneys, judges, and juries. Dr. Eric Cole is a professional and knowledgeable cybersecurity expert witness who can effectively explain complex terms in a way that people can relate to and understand.

Dr. Cole is experienced in expert reports, deposition, testifying, technical advising, and witness preparation. His expertise has been pivotal in a diverse set of cases — including patent infringement, invalidity and damages, security due diligence, and false claims and filings — many of which involved large monetary damages or potential damages. His security expert witness services are available to both plaintiff and defense attorneys.

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“Dr. Cole is truly an expert and has a unique ability to describe complex, technical terms and concepts to laypeople in very understandable terms. His oral and written skills are top-notch.”
Derick Flynn
“Dr. Cole wrote a complete and articulate report. The defense was very resistant to our claims, but once they read Dr. Cole’s report, they did not want the case to go to trial and therefore agreed to a very large settlement.”
Jillian Ayers
“Dr. Cole has an amazing ability to explain complex terms in ways that attorneys, judges and juries can understand. Dr. Cole can communicate in a clear and articulate manner that makes it fun to learn about cybersecurity.”
Tory Sellers