Post Grant Review (PGR)

With the newly enacted America Invents Act (AIA) of 2012, a new type of litigation was introduced – Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) litigation. Dr. Cole has been at the forefront of getting involved with PTAB cases since their inception and finds that his real-world experience is invaluable when it comes to these cases, including Post Grant Review (PGR) cases.

Case Study- A firm was originally working on this case with another expert witness who did the initial work and a complete report, but after reply reports came in – the expert said he was no longer able to continue working on the case and the firm was caught in a lurch. Secure Anchor and Dr. Cole were brought in at the last minute and completed a full and accurate rebuttal report with a quick turnaround. Due to the size of our company, our team was able to jump on board almost immediately and be up to speed on the case in a matter of days. After the case had ended, the attorneys have commented that if it wasn’t for Dr. Cole and his team, they would have had a much harder time obtaining the favorable outcome for their client.