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We are now offering virtual trainings for Chief Information Security Officers. 

Who Are vCISO Trainings For?

If you know you are ready to own your own future, not rely on an organization to ensure your financial security, or you just want to take the lid off your earning potential, NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT!

As a vCISO you are able to take on multiple clients, create your own schedule, and choose who you work for. The position can be your main income source or it could simply be a way to make money on top of your current position.

Right now during the quarantine gives you a much larger amount of free time then you would have at almost any other time, the best decision you can make is to seek out ways to secure a financially secure future for you and your family, regardless of what events happen in the outside world.

What Will You Learn?

With over 30 years experience in Cybersecurity, and having built a successful Cybersecurity Consultation company (and helped build several more), I know what it takes to WIN in this environment (and make a great living doing it.)

During this workshop I am going to teach:

How to get your mindset and focus in place to launch your business

How to interact and work with clients remotely

How to sell your VIRTUAL CISO services

The core skills needed to be a VIRTUAL CISO (you don’t have to currently BE a CISO to create this type of business!)

Upcoming Virtual Cyber 911 Events

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June 22, 23, 24 One event, 3 days, split into 2 hours per day 12pm ET - 2pm ET - 6 hours total
July 28, 29, 30 One event, 3 days, split into 2 hours per day from 12pm ET-2pm ET – 6 hours total

Meet Your Cybersecurity Trainer – Dr. Eric Cole

Dr. Cole is a world-renowned cybersecurity expert that has over 30 year’s experience designing, building and implementing effective solutions that work and scale across an organization. When Bill Gates and President Obama needed a top cybersecurity expert, Dr. Cole was the person who received the call.

Dr. Cole has written several of the top-selling cybersecurity courses and trained many of the industry professionals. Learn directly from one of the top cybersecurity defenders on sought after industry expert.

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