Why Cybersecurity Training?

It can be difficult for business leaders to protect their business online. We provide the knowledge and resources for business leaders to improve their cybersecurity.

Each training program is customized to your needs. These programs are 1 to 3 days of in depth onsite training. Customized training can include helping individuals or teams study and pass certification or implement topics they learned about in training. In addition to training, Secure Anchor also provides coaching to help security teams operate at peak performance.

We take complex topics and make it easy to understand with practical, real world information. We focus on actionable steps with quick implementation. You will walk away knowing exactly how to implement this at your company.



These 1 to 3 day trainings are designed to increase the knowledge of technical users and improve their cybersecurity skills. These intense trainings will help users will walk away with practical information and tangible next steps to help them protect their company.

Technical Cybersecurity Training

This training is designed for business leaders who are responsible for their company’s cybersecurity. We are here to help you improve your skills and can speak on the topic that you need training on.

Network Architecture

We provide your staff with the best practices that will help them design a proper network architecture. Preventing vulnerabilities is ideal, but detecting vulnerabilities is a requirement. Architecture design must ensure that you are detecting any and all attacks on your system.

Cloud Based architecture

More and more services are moving to the cloud and many companies are willing to embrace this change. While a company can outsource its functionality to the cloud, you can’t outsource your liability for these services. Learn what you need to do to protect your company in this training.

Threat Hunting

Today’s cyber attacks are stealthy and invisible, which makes finding them very difficult when things look normal on the surface. In this training, we teach you to dig deeper into your systems to ensure your security is working. Many times we find that your system has been compromised and we will help you address what steps you need to take next.

Security Metrics and Dashboards

You can’t manage your security systems unless you are measuring them. This is why it is important that you regularly monitor your cybersecurity metrics. However, many people monitor wrong or useless metrics. Learn more about the 3-5 metrics that you need to be monitoring and how it will benefit your security.

Creating and Designing a SOC (Security Operation Center)

It is not a small task to create and design a security operations center that will monitor your company’s alerts, logs, and various devices. The SOC is critical in providing the information that your incident response team needs. Skip the painful learning curve by learning from our team of experts.

Customized Topic

We will create training sessions based on your unique needs. It is important that your staff gets more education in the areas that they need it most.


These shorter trainings are designed to increase the knowledge of non-technical users to help improve their basic cybersecurity skills. These trainings will help staff walk away with practical information on how they can help protect their company and themselves from cyber attacks.


Executive Awareness

These sessions are designed to increase the cybersecurity awareness at the executive level of the organization and are designed for non technical and non security staff.


User Awareness

We know that not everyone can be a cybersecurity expert. We help users gain knowledge in how they can protect themselves, the company, and their families from cyber threats.

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