Patent Infringement

Dr. Cole is highly experienced with patent infringement cases, and his real-world experience provides him with a unique and fresh perspective that attorneys love. His hands-on experience and ability to connect with juries makes him exceptionally stationed to be a top infringement expert in his field. From product testing, code review, writing reports, having depositions taken, and testifying in court, Dr. Cole is well versed in all aspects of an infringement case.

Case Study- Dr. Cole was brought in when a firm was seeking expert witnesses with real world experience. This firm had unsuccessfully been trying to use professors, who had been hands-off for several years, and weren’t able to connect with the jury by using easy to understand terms and explanations of technology. A company with a few patents that had been infringed upon was pursuing legal action against a few entities. Through the case, Dr. Cole tested the accused infringing products to determine if there was an overlap in the technology in the claims of the patent, wrote a full report describing his conclusions, was deposed on his report, and testified in court in front of a jury. Additionally, for this case, Dr. Cole built a security profile linking to a downloadable.

This client was so pleased with Dr. Cole’s work product that they continued to use him for all of their infringement cases going forward, totaling close to ten in total.