In the latest episode of “Life of a CISO” with Dr. Eric Cole, he emphasizes the urgency of acknowledging the reality of an ongoing cyber war as we enter 2024. Dr. Cole stresses the need for security leaders to stop hiding from this fact and instead openly address and embrace the challenges posed by the persistent threat landscape. He introduces the concept of “building a garden” as a crucial skill set for CISOs, highlighting the importance of providing value to business units to create a mutually beneficial relationship. Additionally, Dr. Cole discusses the misconception around security incidents and breaches, urging security professionals to prioritize detection over prevention in the context of the continuous cyber war. The episode emphasizes the importance of executives understanding the gravity of the situation and actively participating in managing cybersecurity as a daily and weekly business concern.

In this episode:

  • 1:00Introduction World War III
  • 4:00- Building a Garden Mentality
  • 8:00- Aligning Security with Business Benefit
  • 12:00- Entering Cyber War
  • 13:00- War Time vs. Peace Time
  • 20:00- Cyber War Acceptance
  • 25:00- Preventing Cyber Threats