In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole explains the different barriers that could be holding you back from reaching that World-Class Level. There are multiple ways to reach the World-Class Level, some quicker than others.

Watch this episode to understand how Dr. Eric Cole can help you reach that level, if your given the chance.

In this episode:

  • 1:00– Introduction
  • 2:00– Getting in touch with your skills
  • 2:30– What are the barriers that stop someone from becoming world-class?
  • 3:30– You need to figure out what the barrier standing in your way
  • 4:30– Some limiting beliefs will hold you back
  • 7:00– If you think you’re not CISO material, it will become true
  • 11:00– Story of Roger Bannister
  • 14:00– Steps to overcoming a barrier
  • 16:00– Identify what the barriers are and then combat it
  • 19:00– You believe what you tell your mind
  • 21:00– What is CISO material? Do you have the traits?
  • 26:00– It is all about overcoming barriers
  • 29:00– Find out the quickest way to reach that world-class level with Dr. Eric Cole