What Makes World Class CISO’s Different From Average CISO’s

In this episode, Dr. Eric Cole explains what qualities separate World Class CISO’s from average CISO’s. 

He gives the 3 behaviors that will up level you as a CISO. He also gives communication tips that change the way that you interact with the executives.

You already possess many qualities that a World Class CISO needs you just need to understand and develop those areas to stand out as an exceptional leader and communicator in your organization.

Join Dr. Cole to find out how to become World Class.

In this episode:

  • 0:47 Burning out means the fire is going out because you don’t have fuel
  • 2:26 One limiting belief can derail your entire career
  • 5:14 Identification and awareness
  • 7:14 How to break through
  • 8:20 Create the “super” CV.
  • 9:15 Then take a yellow highlighter and go through it
  • 10:21 What do you already have?
  • 10:45 Pink highlighter
  • 12:00 Green highlighter
  • 12:34 Is it feasible?
  • 13:54 What are the high-level qualities of a CISO?
  • 17:00 What are some of the core characteristics of a world class CISO?
  • 18:32 Average CISOs speak the wrong language
  • 22:10 100% responsibility
  • 24:01 Don’t be perfect
  • 27:27 Do the right thing even if no one is watching