As we are all learning how to perform our jobs in new ways due to the quarantine, it brings forward the question of how the field of cybersecurity will change with these events. One of the ways is the rise of the position of Virtual Chief Information Security Officer or vCISO.

A vCISO operates in a similar way to a contractor. They are hired on a problem by problem basis rather than as a full time employee under the company. This allows for the company to not have to pay for the onboarding, training, and long term costs associated with having a specialist in a full time position.

When you hire a vCISO they will offer an outside perspective on your security practices, procedures you have in place, and any security related advising you may need for the safety of your information and business. All of this comes without the need for a long term commitment to a specific person as your officer. For medium to small businesses it really isn’t necessary to onboard a full time position when the entirety of their needs can be met by paying for a limited package.

During the events surrounding the world cyber criminals have radically stepped up their attempts to take advantage of any breaks in security they can. With the normal closed networks that can be depended on in an office off the table due to all the employees being at home, information is at a massive risk. Right now it is much more important to seek any affordable avenue to protect yourself and your business.

The position does not only benefit the companies at the expense of the vCISO though. As a vCISO, you are able to take on multiple clients, create your own schedule, and choose who you work for. The position can be your main income source or it could simply be a way to make money on top of your current position.  Right now, during the quarantine, gives you a much larger amount of free time then you would have at almost any other time; the best decision you can make is to seek out ways to secure a financially secure future for you and your family, regardless of what events happen in the outside world.

The skill sets necessary to market yourself effectively as a vCISO could be a deeply needed security blanket during this time where cyber crime is at an all time high and the economy is in a deep state of uncertainty. To learn more about becoming an effective vCISO, click here to speak with a cyber expert consultant for FREE.