In the latest episode of “Life of a CISO,” Dr. Eric Cole offers an inspiring and motivational opening, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of life and the importance of how we react to challenges. He introduces the series as a weekly journey into the world of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), aimed at both current and aspiring professionals. Dr. Cole, with his trademark enthusiasm, encourages listeners to embrace change, growth, and self-improvement, highlighting the significance of managing one’s reactions and focusing on personal and professional development.

Dr. Cole shares a personal anecdote about his recent struggles and the value of openness and vulnerability. He recounts a challenging period he faced, feeling down despite external successes, and the relief and support he found in sharing his feelings with a friend. This experience underlines his message that it’s okay to experience a range of emotions and the importance of addressing them. Dr. Cole also reflects on the importance of setting and keeping personal commitments, using his own attempt to complete a challenging 60-hour fast as an example. He emphasizes that maintaining promises to oneself builds confidence and integrity, crucial traits for succeeding as a CISO. He concludes with practical advice for listeners to identify and commit to personal goals across various aspects of their lives, reinforcing the idea that self-discipline and consistency are foundational to professional excellence.

In this episode:

  • 1:00 – Introduction: Life’s Challenges
  • 5:00 – Permission to Feel
  • 7:00 – Balancing Emotions and Growth
  • 8:00 – Story of a Gambler’s Afterlife
  • 11:50 – Perceptions of a Perfect Life
  • 15:00 – Commitment to Personal Growth
  • 18:00 – Coping with Personal Failures
  • 20:00 – Commitment to Personal Improvement