World-Class CISOs Have Coaches

In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole talks about the benefits of having a life coach helping you eradicate all the limiting beliefs that hold you back.

 Why do you believe you’re not CISO material? He suggests writing a detailed description of an ideal CISO and highlighting your traits. Before you know it, your doubts about yourself will slowly vanish.

In this episode:

  • 0:50– World-Class people have coaches
  • 1:20– Improve areas you can’t see to be the best at what you do
  • 3:00-Coaches can see your blind spot
  • 4:35– The thing holding you back is often a limiting belief
  • 7:05– Eradicate all your limiting beliefs
  • 9:00– It’s not an issue unless you make it one
  • 9:30– What are 10 characteristics of a CISO
  • 11:00– Why do you believe you’re not CISO material?
  • 12:30– You won’t get a CISO job if you don’t believe you deserve it
  • 13:50– Giving you what you want and providing you with what you need
  • 16:30– Write a detailed job description if you’re a struggling CISO
  • 19:00– CISOs utilize cybersecurity as a business enabler
  • 20:30– CISOs focus on the growth of the company
  • 22:30– CISOs are problem solvers
  • 26:40– What would it cost to implement solutions
  • 28:10– You should interview them as much as you’re being interviewed
  • 29:00– How well do you know business strategy
  • 30:10– Create your job description and your destiny