How To Protect Your Data

In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole explains the literal meaning of cybersecurity and how we can stay cyber-protected by keeping our data safe. That is where the role of a CISO comes in and how they should use their superpower or tool which is to use cybersecurity to enable the business. 

Watch this episode to get more insight into your role as a CISO.

In this episode:

  • 1:00– Cybersecurity is one of the highest areas of business
  • 1:40– CISOs are superheroes of cyberspace
  • 3:20– Sometimes we lost focus on what is cybersecurity.
  • 4:30– If you have a ‘C’ in your title you’re an executive
  • 4:50– CISO’s tool is to use cybersecurity to enable the business
  • 6:50– CISOs accept 100% responsibility for the risks and exposure
  • 8:15– To be World-class you must be in control
  • 17:05– Everything we communicate with executives is based on risk
  • 17:15– Risk; Threats and vulnerability
  • 18:00– What are the types of cybersecurity threats?
  • 18:40– Threats are against one server or client
  • 21:50– CISOs must know how to translate technical to business
  • 22:14– How do you present to executives?
  • 27:00– Is the risk and exposure worth the value and benefit?