In this Life of a CISO episode, Dr. Eric Cole presents the variances between change and transformation, where change is the act of performing tasks differently without modifying one’s core identity, whereas transformation is the process of altering one’s identity, which then leads to changes in behavior. These differences often result in people becoming stagnant, and they also explain the reasons for the failure of New Year’s resolutions, causing many to revert to their original state.

In this episode:

  • 1:00– Introduction
  • 2:00– Recognizing you are limitless
  • 7:00– Bulletproof Cyber
  • 10:00– Believing you are not CISO material
  • 13:00– Difference between change and transformation
  • 17:00– When you change your identity the changes will become permanent
  • 20:00– Your identity is who you believe yourself to be
  • 25:00– Falsifying your own identity
  • 29:00– Conviction and belief
  • 32:00– Trick with goals and targets
  • 33:00– Step back and change your identity