In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole highlights that a CISO’s job is not solely focused on information security but also on balancing risks and enabling the organization to maximize revenue and profit. He emphasizes that to be an effective CISO, it is crucial to understand the company’s business, its customers, revenue model, growth plans, and historical performance. 

He further focuses on the need for CISOs to be effective leaders who prioritize business objectives while managing cyber risks, rather than solely focusing on information security.

In this episode:

  • 1:00– Introduction
  • 3:00– Do you believe you’re World-Class?
  • 5:00– How do we get to be as effective as possible?
  • 9:00– Your job is to balance risk and maximize the revenue
  • 13:00– What is the risk and exposure of your company?
  • 16:00– How can you be an effective CISO?
  • 20:00– Are there effective methods you can implement without disrupting the system?
  • 23:00– World-class CISOs are solution-oriented
  • 26:00– CISOS accepts the risks and deals with it head on
  • 28:00– Effective CISOS focus on the business
  • 30:00-An effective CISO is a chief officer first and an information security executive second