The Must-Have Cybersecurity

Skills Needed in 2021

In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Cole discusses the architecture of the future.

The architecture of the future is location-agnostic, protects your data, authenticates access to the data, and can be accessed from the cloud.

This is the safest way to keep your data away from the adversary.

Anyone who hasn’t adopted these best practices should do so as soon as possible.

Watch this episode and learn the tips on becoming a great CISO and much more.

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In this episode:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:20 Common mistakes that a CISO can make
  • 0:35 Mistake 1: Thinking Cybersecurity is more important than the business.
  • 2:05 If security negatively impacts the business, security is wrong
  • 2:51 If you disagree with me…
  • 3:53 COVID and the lockdown increased organizations’ risk tolerance because they had to
  • 5:35 Mistake 2: They take criticism personally.
  • 7:31 Mistake 3: They go technical
  • 8:01 CISOs are strategic
  • 9:03 What is the main thing that a CISO should be focused on in 2021?
  • 9:45 The light bulb analogy
  • 10:52 How I get so much done
  • 12:05 This works for me
  • 13:20 Location agnostic architecture
  • 15:08 The architecture of the future: 3 tier architecture
  • 15:40 Data protection / The cloud
  • 16:22 Data centers are not your business.
  • 17:04 You can’t have 100% security if you have functionality
  • 18:50 Look at solutions as well as vulnerabilities
  • 19:31 The questions I ask if I get objections
  • 21:25 Things have changed
  • 22:28 The Authentication (AAA) tier
  • 24:29 Monitoring the amount of data
  • 25:18 Endpoints
  • 28:07 The problems with new endpoints
  • 28:39 Thin clients are the solution
  • 32:31 Wrap up