The Most Important Skill a CISO

Must Have is Communication

In this episode of Life of a CISO Dr. Cole speaks about the key skill of a successful CISO which is communication.

Communication means speaking to someone in the language that they understand.

For example, when talking to security engineers, you can use  technical terms, but when communicating with executives, the language they speak are upside and downside.

In other words, how much money can they make or risk losing? Join Dr. Cole in learning how to communicate effectively to succeed.

In this episode:

  • 0:18 Welcome!
  • 1:10 What is the most important skill for a CISO?
  • 1:50 Communication
  • 3:37 Why CISOs are frustrated
  • 4:58 Dr. Cole Challenge
  • 6:10 Make 2 videos every day for 60 days
  • 7:21 Your first videos will not be good]
  • 8:41 Do one take and post it without watching it
  • 9:50 Don’t look at the comments
  • 12:52 The way to build habits is by doing them over and over
  • 14:38 Why I spend time with the “motivational BS” (it’s not BS!)
  • 16:00 Bad communication leads to bad decisions
  • 17:38 Colonial pipeline ransom attack
  • 19:23 Control systems are outdated and unpatched
  • 20:04 Having systems air gapped is an inconvenience
  • 22:15 Business bean counters didn’t communicate well with the security
  • 23:08 World class CISOs get everybody to ask a second question
  • 24:45 How I get mentored by the best in the world
  • 26:32 Warren Buffet looks at the upside and downside
  • 27:53 World class CISOs communicate, are thought leaders, produce videos