The #1 Trait That Will Turn You

Into a World Class CISO

Join Dr. Cole today as he explores CISO traits and ” What is required to be a CISO.”

Too much experience as a security engineer could hinder your ability to get a CISO position; because in order to be a CISO, you have to think like a CISO.

Once you do have that CISO mindset,the next step is to get that first interview.

This episode includes ways to get yourself out of a powerless mindset, and into a powerful one, and ways to ace every interview, even if you don’t get the job right away.

Watch the episode to find out how you can get that first CISO position!

In this episode:

  • 0:51 If you’re a CISO, my book will show you language, not technical know-how
  • 2:00 What is required to be a CISO?
  • 4:50 The mindset is what is most important, not technical knowledge
  • 6:02 If you can’t see yourself as an executive, you’ll never be an executive
  • 8:00 Data is factual, your interpretation is opinion
  • 9:42 Did you go in with the right mindset?
  • 10:30 Have 3 core talking points
  • 11:25 Two twin brothers story
  • 13:29 Two people had the same experience, but applied different meaning
  • 14:26 I know two different people who have both gone on 20 interviews
  • 18:00 At any point in time, you can be in one of two states: powerful or primal
  • 21:17 How to change from a primal state to a powerful state
  • 23:20 You have leadership experience already