In this Life of a CISO episode, Dr. Eric Cole highlights how being obsessed, making plans, mimicking other CISO’S, being teachable and scheduling your life will lead one to become a world class CISO. He emphasizes how world class chief information security officers are world class chief officers that are focused on the growth of the revenue and the growth of the profitability

In this episode:

  • 1:00– Introduction
  • 3:00– Being teachable and open
  • 6:00– Qualities of a world-class CISO
  • 9:00– What to present to a board
  • 11:00– Being a world-class communicator
  • 13:00– Being obsessed with revenue and profitability
  • 15:00– Create a CV of a world-class CISO
  • 17:00– Where you are starting
  • 18:00– Becoming obsessed with what you don’t have
  • 20:00– Personal development plan
  • 21:00– Mimicking a world-class CISO
  • 23:00 Scheduling your life