How to Prepare for a CISO Interview:

CISO Interview Questions

Join Dr. Cole today as he goes through the steps you must take to prepare for your interview
as a CISO.

Here is what you need to know to ace the interview: If you want to be a world class CISO, you must own the interview by understanding the business, take control of the first 3 minutes, and speak the language of the executive.

Also, know the business, how do they make money, and what is their competitive advantage?

Have a world class CISO mindset, not a security engineers mindset.

Good luck out there!

In this episode:

  • 0:15 How to do an interview
  • 0:35 You don’t need a lot of experience because a CISO is a new position
  • 2:55 When you get the interview, you need to own the first 5 minutes
  • 3:28 What I do when I am interviewed on television
  • 5:25 Prepare for an interview by finding out the financials of the company
  • 7:13 What you are showing the interviewer on your first question
  • 7:29 What not to say in an interview for a CISO position
  • 8:25 How to be authentic
  • 10:14 But don’t be the smartest person in the room. Check your ego at the door
  • 11:09 Always know what is the company’s business and how do they make money?
  • 13:49 The importance of being able to scale and shift quickly
  • 17:03 How you know you don’t (yet) have the CISO mindset
  • 17:36 What differentiates the business from the competition?
  • 19:04 What can have the biggest impact on the business?
  • 19:54 Security engineers make this mistake that a CISO doesn’t
  • 20:31 Review