How to Develop a World

Class CISO Mindset

Join us today as Dr. Cole discusses CISO mindset.

If you want to be a successful person, whether it’s as a CISO or anything else in life, you have to find your limiting beliefs, and then turn them into empowering truths.

Once you find them,you have to become obsessed.

Is your mindset aligned with your ultimate purpose?

In this episode:

  • 1:03 What most people really need is mindset
  • 2:00 When you need to just cancel the job interview
  • 2:57 Pete Sampress
  • 4:24 Prior to 1952, no one could run a mile in 4 minutes
  • 6:13 Why this was a limiting belief
  • 8:02 What’s your “4 minute mile”
  • 9:41 How to overcome limiting beliefs
  • 10:58 Empowering truths
  • 12:24 The British Crew Team of 1998
  • 15:43 Whatever my goal is, will this “make the boat go faster?”
  • 17:35 Why most people don’t make it
  • 18:50 Can you fail 500 times?
  • 22:39 Marie Callender didn’t love making pies, but she had to do something
  • 25:16 What it means to “Bake your pie”
  • 27:15 Don’t confuse passion with purpose
  • 29:25 You can be successful if you find your purpose and bake your pie.