Briefing a Board of Directors

In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole explains to the audience that treating people how they want to be treated is the only way to effectively communicate and build connections. Using these skills will further ace your tactics to brief a board of directors and what exactly you need to work on to create a lasting impact. 

Watch this episode to find out how you brief a room full of directors, the questions you need to ask, and what to avoid when a situation arises.

In this episode:

  • 1:27– Over promise and over-deliver
  • 1:50– If you have the best product, you will always over-deliver
  • 5:25– Treat people the way they want to be treated
  • 5:40– Understand the other before speaking
  • 6:00– Ask questions
  • 6:30– Communicate in their language
  • 6:50– CISO’s come from a technical background
  • 9:15– Meeting executives more than once a month is ideal
  • 10:20– What you focus on is what you become
  • 11:38– As a CISO, focus on the business
  • 12:08– How do you brief a board of directors?
  • 15:15– Sit in on the board meetings if board members allow
  • 15:30– Sit in on a few presentations
  • 16:10– Your slides should be simple and not that detailed
  • 18:08– The worst thing you can do is give a generic presentation
  • 19:00– Make customized presentations
  • 23:38– What is cybersecurity?
  • 24:07– Cybersecurity is a business enabler
  • 24:40– If cybersecurity negatively impacts the business, it’s wrong
  • 26:00– Managing the risk of critical data being comprised
  • 27:25– Encourage your team to ask a second question
  • 27:30– What is the value of benefit?
  • 28:00– Is the risk worth the value?
  • 31:05– Be an effective communicator.