In this episode of Life of A CISO, Dr. Eric Cole explains how you can brief the executives in a manner that will be beneficial for them. Speak in a language that they will understand and in order to do that you have to finesse your communication skills. Tap into your self-confidence and be persistent with your approach. Watch this episode to better understand the skills required to excel in this area.

In this episode:

  • 1:00– Intro
  • 3:00– Are you at the cusp of being a World-Class?
  • 4:00– How to tap into your inner confidence?
  • 5:00– Believe in your worth
  • 8:00– Tap into your self-worth
  • 10:00– Briefing the executives
  • 10:30– Understand your audience
  • 11:00– The way you communicate matters
  • 12:00– Research your executives and what to talk about
  • 14:00– Communicate in their language
  • 15:00– Customize your briefings to cater to your executives
  • 17:00– Be persistent with your approach
  • 20:00– Cover areas in your presentation that make it valuable
  • 22:00– Let your research and work do the talking
  • 23:00– Condense your slides and presentations for executives