How I Became a Cybersecurity Innovator (Part 1)

Today, Dr. Cole will be sharing his own story of how he became one of the world’s first CISO’s.

How his education and work experience influenced his life and career.

In the 1980’s Dr. Cole was told that computers and networking would be the future.

So he decided to learn both business and computers in college.

Dr. Cole learned the most advanced computer systems at the time, and learned that cybersecurity was his purpose in life.

Let’s open this time capsule together in today’s episode.

In this episode:

  • 0:20 A CISO is all about strategy and enabling the business
  • 0:58 Get in the Wayback Machine, we’re going to 1985
  • 2:24 There is a difference between passion and purpose
  • 3:26 “Computers are the future”
  • 5:05 Listen to people smarter than you
  • 5:54 Take risks
  • 6:40 If you’re going to college, minor in business
  • 7:58 The importance of scheduling time to just think
  • 12:15 The CIA was recruiting that day
  • 14:30 I went back the next day to find a new opportunity, even though I wasn’t offered one
  • 16:03 My internship with Grumman Aerospace
  • 16:58 My internship with the CIA
  • 17:47 “Networking is the future”
  • 19:00 An older mentor explained how they do things in the CIA
  • 20:55 The way they did things (according to this gentleman) back then didn’t sit well with me
  • 22:46 Smart people know the right answers, brilliant people ask the right questions
  • 24:30 How do we know these systems are secure?
  • 26:50 I realized that there’s no way to prove a system is secure, only that it’s not secure
  • 27:53 The only way to achieve 100% security is 0% functionally
  • 28:53 I started understanding my purpose was to make cyber security safer
  • 29:34 How to break into systems
  • 30:18 Review and wrap up