How do you survive as a CISO?

In this episode, Dr. Eric Cole talks about how to survive as a CISO in todays corporate environments.

There has never been a greater demand for CISOs and V-CISOs, but at the same time, because many executives have never hired a CISO before, they don’t completely understand what it means to be a successful CISO.

Therefore, you may be at risk of being let go regardless of how well you set up your security. 

To learn how to avoid this misunderstanding and its consequences for your career, join Dr. Cole in this weeks Life of a CISO.

In this episode:

  • 0:35 When COVID hit, organizations went into survival mode
  • 2:14 There wasn’t as much focus on security when offices were shut down
  • 3:04 Top Gun
  • 3:58 “Engage!”
  • 5:20 Good news/bad news
  • 6:41 More good news/bad news
  • 8:03 Companies aren’t necessarily looking for experienced cybersecurity veterans
  • 8:36 Why my CISO certification is what you need now
  • 10:30 I challenge you…
  • 11:40 How do you survive as a CISO?
  • 12:41 You must have a business discussion with executives to make sure you’re on the same page
  • 13:49 You will never be 100% secure, and execs need to know that
  • 16:10 You have two options
  • 17:50 You will have a breach
  • 18:49 The second conversation: what is the goal of cybersecurity.
  • 19:25 Are you 100% healthy and never need to do anything?
  • 21:11 Our goal in health is not to never get sick
  • 22:01 Third conversation: the benefit and the risk
  • 22:58 What if the system gets breached?
  • 24:46 The risk
  • 26:12 Always present both sides of the equation, the options, & do not get emotional
  • 29:03 Option B