Career Advancement

In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole’s focal point pivots around eradicating all the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from advancing in your career as a CISO. The two main ones are that the executives do not see you as a business leader and are not viewed as one of the ‘Cs.’ 

Watch this episode to understand how to fight this barrier which can be an inconvenience for your five-year logical plan.

In this episode:

  • 1:35– Cyber crisis- a relevant book on cybersecurity
  • 3:20– Start shifting your focus toward change
  • 4:30– There aren’t enough books on the technical aspect of cybersecurity
  • 5:30– What pattern do people need the most help with?
  • 6:00– Limiting beliefs
  • 6:50– What you want VS what you need
  • 7:00– What aspect is holding you back?
  • 7:20– Eradicate the beliefs saying “You can’t do this”
  • 8:20– If you have limiting beliefs, it will hold you back
  • 13:00– Not all CISOs need 12 years of experience
  • 14:50– Things are impossible till someone does it
  • 18:25– What are the 4-minute miles holding you back
  • 20:40– How to overcome your limiting
  • 23:40– What are the factual reasons for not getting over limiting beliefs?
  • 24:45– Give yourself a logical 5-year plan
  • 26:50– CISO’s limiting beliefs don’t let them advance
  • 29:00– Limiting belief: Executives don’t think you’re a business leader
  • 29:20– Not viewed as one of the ‘C’s’
  • 31:50– Technical components don’t hold you back, it’s your limiting beliefs