In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole’s aim is to enlighten the audience on how a CISO can help other business units rather than have an adverse almost unapproachable relationship with other C-level executives. He focuses on the importance of listening to what the problems are and combating them.

In this episode:

  • 1:00: Importance of having a coach
  • 2:00– Ask better questions if you continue to have problems
  • 3:00– We need to be better listeners at understanding problems
  • 4:30– Ideas are either crazy or brilliant
  • 5:30– Targets, focus, and prioritization
  • 6:30– Have specificity to set a target
  • 8:00– Goals will keep changing
  • 9:00– Get clearer on a 6-month target
  • 10:00– Brainstorming to be a CISO
  • 12:00– What products can I produce to generate revenue
  • 15:00– What ideas can you focus on to get your first job 1
  • 6:00– Whatever ideas you have, write them down.
  • 17:00– Strategies companies used to combat ransomware
  • 19:00– What did ransomware exploit?
  • 22:00– Why did cybersecurity become such a threat?
  • 24:00– How are hackers able to get into our critical data and exploit it
  • 28:00– Understanding the budget for the year with the executives