In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole talks about laser and targeted communication with the executives that can get you the solutions that you seek.

In this episode:

  • 1:00– Intro
  • 2:00– People come to me when they have a problem
  • 3:00– Don’t focus on the symptoms but on the solutions
  • 5:00– All problems are created by improper communication
  • 8:00– Understanding what the other was saying is important for an agreement
  • 10:00– The less you communicate, the harder it is to get by
  • 13:00– World-class CISOs always have laser communication
  • 14:30– The challenge people have is not able to have meetings with executives
  • 15:00– The goal is to condense your communication with the executives
  • 16:00– What can you cover about cybersecurity in this meeting that will make it valuable?
  • 17:00– Build rapport with each other so both sides can respect and understand
  • 19:00– What is your current pain point in cybersecurity?
  • 20:00– A world-class CISO is a cyber aspirin to the headaches executives have related to cybersecurity
  • 21:00– Providing value toward the solution