Debunking myths and

misconceptions about being a CISO

In this episode Dr. Eric Cole is all about debunking myths and common sayings that are incorrect.

Dr. Cole addresses some pretty common sayings that stop people from taking risks and going after what they want.

The examples he covers include:

  • “Treat people the way you want to be treated,” is different from treating people the way THEY want to be treated. 
  • “Seeing Is believing?” No, you’ll see it when you believe it.
  • “No one will hire me without experience.” Someone has to be first some time.

Now go out there and crush it, because you know the truth.

In this episode:

  • 0:17 What it requires to be a world class CISO
  • 1:18 The technical part is easy, the mindset gets in the way
  • 1:48 Phrases that are just wrong
  • 2:07 Debunking CISCO myths
  • 2:22 “Treat people the way you want to be treated.”
  • 2:54 Everyone wants to be treated differently
  • 4:43 Execs don’t want to hear technical language
  • 5:50 Ask questions
  • 6:23 Be a chameleon
  • 6:57 “Functionality/Performance/Security… pick 2!”
  • 10:25 Don’t buy into status quo
  • 10:50 “Seeing Is believing”
  • 13:19 “No one will hire me without experience.”
  • 15:50 The right organization is out there
  • 16:20 Interview
  • 18:41 Average is not good enough
  • 19:01 World class CISOs know they are world class