Believe You Are A CISO

In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole asks what are you focused on? Because ultimately that’s what you’re going to become. You will never score that high-level CISO position if you focus on not being good enough for it. 

Watch this episode of Life of a CISO to understand what you should focus on to succeed and what practices you need to do to convince yourself you’re CISO material.

In this episode:

  • 1:35– What are you focused on?
  • 4:20– Where are you currently at?
  • 4:35– You are focused on exactly where you are
  • 6:50– Why are you focused on not getting the job?
  • 8:40– If you don’t believe you’re CISO material, you won’t get the job
  • 10:10-Give people what they want but provide them with what they need
  • 13:00– Getting perspective and comparison helps
  • 13:30– Write down 30 skills of a World- Class CISO
  • 13:45– What do you believe CISO material is?
  • 14:00– If you have 50% of those qualities then you’re CISO material
  • 17:00– Change your focus and change your life
  • 19:45– What are you doing to convince the executives that you speak business?
  • 20:00– You must engage at an executive level
  • 22:30– Must talk to the CEO, CFO and CIO frequently
  • 24:30– Train yourself to ask a second question
  • 24:50– What are the risks and exposure
  • 25:10– Is the value and benefit worth the risk and exposure?
  • 28:30– CISOs make people fully aware and accept the risk