CISO VS CEO: Why CISOs Need to

Have a Seat at the Executive Table

Join Dr. Cole today as he explains why it’s important that CISOs have a seat at the executive table.

Executives all have their specialties, and a CISO is also an executive position.

As a CISO, you need to communicate how much, financially, the executives can save by strengthening their defenses against attackers.

This is high-level executive management.

That’s why a CISO is a “Chief” Information Security Officer.

CISOs, lets take our seats at the executive table. 

In this episode:

  • 1:25 Is a seat in the boardroom too much to expect?
  • 2:08 What is your time frame
  • 2:51 Executives don’t always understand cybersecurity
  • 5:00 Executives need a hero (but don’t know how to find it)
  • 6:45 Understand the business
  • 8:05 Go outside your comfort zone
  • 9:18 How do we put a $ number on risk?
  • 11:21 If insurance companies didn’t quantify risk, they wouldn’t exist
  • 12:20 Historical data and comparative data ‘
  • 14:22 Ransomware example
  • 16:35 How to back up your numbers
  • 18:40 The two biggest mistakes that organizations make
  • 21:02 Total cost of ownership
  • 23:14 Wrap up: CISO Certification