It feels like it’s nearly every day that we hear about yet another organization getting breached online. Cybercrime is a rising issue, and no company is immune from becoming a victim. An attack can result in a number of negative consequences, including damage to your reputation, loss of company assets, and even litigation. It’s important for companies of all sizes and industries to stay up-to-date on the latest and best cyber security policies and strategies in order to mitigate their risk.

To keep your company and employees informed on these best practices, hire a cyber security keynote speaker. An experienced cyber security keynote speaker will inform your staff on current threats and offer real-world practices that you can instantly apply to your organization. When choosing a security speaker, make sure the presenter has the following qualities:

They have substantial experience

In order to be an effective security speaker, the person must have expansive experience in both cyber security and public speaking. While someone may be knowledgeable about computer safety and security, they may not be the best presenter.  Dr. Eric Cole is a sought-after cyber security keynote speaker who has over 30 years of experience in cyber security consulting, teaching, and presenting. He has lectured at many industry-leading conferences, including SANS, RSA, and IANS, where he has been a top-rated speaker— with many of his sessions standing room only.

They’re passionate and engaging

Cyber security isn’t always the most exciting topic to learn about. The job of a keynote speaker is to educate, engage and inspire their audiences. Keeping the audience interested and engaged can be particularly difficult with a technical topic like cyber security. Dr. Cole, however, brings passion and integrity to all of his presentations, leaving his audiences well informed and interested in what he has to say. He keeps his audiences on the edge of their seats with his personal antidotes and real-world examples.

They offer strategies that actually work

It’s not enough for a speaker to educate their audience about cyber security; they must also provide real-world strategies that you can immediately integrate into your organization. Dr. Cole customizes his presentations to meet the unique needs of each audience and organization. He offers practical solutions for their individual security threats and problems, so that organizations can better protect their sensitive information and assets.

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