In this Life of a CISO episode, Dr. Eric Cole emphasizes how If you only chase money, you will hit a cap and get frustrated. Reality is to get to where you are worth it you must drive millions and millions of dollars with results. The more results the more money.

In this episode:

  • 1:00– Introduction to being result driven
  • 4:00– Why is the company not seeing the value I am providing
  • 8:00– Deliver more results and value
  • 11:00– Degrees vs. driving results
  • 14:45– Justification of the results
  • 16:00– Cybersecurity to a profit model
  • 19:30– controlling your own destiny
  • 22:00– Risk leading to upscale
  • 24:00– Contribute to the bottom line of the company
  • 25:00– Don’t focus on the money focus on the results
  • 28:00– What do they really want?
  • 30:00– Revenue and profitability