Check out this episode of Life of a CISO, where Dr. Eric Cole provides techniques for you to implement to advance as a Chief Information Security Officer. Keep in mind that excellence is a habit, not an act. One of Eric’s most productive habits is asking himself “What changes can I make to improve and see results?” because doing the same thing repeatedly without seeing any results can be the definition of insanity.

Cybersecurity is not a static field. It requires adjusting, adapting, and being up to date with the latest changes.

Watch this episode of Life of a CISO to understand how to adapt to the changes a CISO needs to make to excel in this field.

In this episode:

  • 0:40– CISO certification to advance as a CISO
  • 2:30– invest in a coach to recognize blind spots
  • 4:00– World-Class CISOs are constantly and adjusting adapting
  • 4:25– Cybersecurity is not static
  • 9:22– World-Class comes with hard work and optimization
  • 9:30-Are you aware of your strengths and weaknesses?
  • 10:15– CISOs need to be able to communicate in written form
  • 12:00-Are you doing things to improve every day?
  • 15:00– Story about ‘will it makes your boat go faster?’
  • 21:50– Does it help you achieve your goal?
  • 24:20– Change your everyday monotonous habits to see a difference
  • 25:00– Be proactive
  • 28:15– Ask questions more than talking
  • 30:30– Let data drive decisions not emotions
  • 31:30– 30-day habit-changing method