World-Class CISO Strategies

In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole enlightens his audience on a strategy that will guarantee success in their lives. Something as simple as writing down your goals for the week and working towards them can turn your ideas into concrete plans for success. One of Dr. Eric’s main strategies is to not focus on the negatives but on the positives. Taking Nos as a ladder to success is a key element.

Watch this episode to get more insight into how World-Class CISOs formulate a plan for themselves and why they need to keep pushing if they want to achieve the highest status in this field.

In this episode:

  • 1:00– Why do you need a hobby if you love what you do for a living?
  • 4:00– Creating a safe and secure cyber-space
  • 6:30– Generating revenue from what you love doing
  • 8:00– Don’t be afraid to ask or take risks
  • 14:00– Your purpose and goal should align with your interests
  • 18:00– Do you let your limiting belief hold you back?
  • 20:00– Focus on the positives more than the negatives
  • 23:00– Do not let a few Nos demotivate you
  • 26:00– How to run your organization without limiting impacts?
  • 28:00– Critical aspects of the organization require executive attention