How A CISO Achieves Their Goals

In this episode, Dr. Eric Cole offers his ‘Ninja tricks’ to tackle any form of risk and exposure the organization may face. He breaks down the process into columns, ranging from the highest priority item to deal with to the lowest priority. He believes that keeping realistic targets can help you accomplish most of what you need to do to be successful and achieve your goals.

In this episode:

  • 1:00– What are your targets?
  • 2:30– Have 6-month effective targets
  • 3:45– Come up with measurable and achievable targets
  • 5:00– Have realistic goals that push you
  • 7:40– Appreciate yourself for reaching your goals
  • 9:55– Make sure your aims and targets are things that you can control
  • 11:20– Schedule out your week to meet your goals
  • 15:30– What are some of the biggest reasons why CISOS fails?
  • 20:00– Misalignments with executives can cause damage
  • 23:00– What are some risks and exposure that need to be assessed in the organization
  • 25:00– Why mini-risk assessments are more effective in the organization
  • 27:00– Focus on the high-priority items as a CISO
  • 28:00– What are the highest risks to these items?
  • 30:00– Set your 90-day target as a CISO