The Responsibilities Faced By A New CISO

In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole enlightens us about the key areas to focus on if you are a brand new CISO in an organization. What are the strategies to implement? What are some non-negotiable deals that should never be compromised on?

Watch this episode to understand how to excel in the cyber world as a brand-new CISO.

In this episode:

  • 1:30– Responsibilities of a brand new CISO
  • 2:30– New CISOs job is not to criticize the way things are done
  • 3:30– Biggest mistake new CISOs make is changing the order of things
  • 5:00– Repairing a security breach
  • 6:00 – Understanding the business before making changes
  • 10:00– Managing risks in Cybersecurity
  • 12:00– Managing the impacts the risks would have on the organization
  • 3:00– Understanding the business from a financial standpoint
  • 14:00– What areas do we need to put more effort into
  • 19:00– World-Class CISOs need to set the culture in their organization
  • 21:00– What are some non-negotiables?
  • 24:00– Always question your executives
  • 26:00– Chiefs always know what they want
  • 28:00– What happens when you replace an existing CISO in an organization?
  • 30:00– CISOs must communicate their concerns and needs