In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole notes that if you want to become a world-class CISO, you need to be ready to execute, adapt, and adjust your plan based on the data. One of Dr. Cole’s favorite phrases is to “Let data drive decisions, not emotions. ” This mindset is an important aspect for any executive in cybersecurity. As a routine in Life of a CISO, Dr. Cole will challenge you to access and reset your position on the road to becoming a world-class CISO. What can you do to set your career on the right path? What can you say to advance your career as a CISO? Grab your CV and take a seat because, during this episode, Dr. Cole will shed some light on what criteria to bring to the table during an interview.

Join this week’s podcast of Life of a CISO with Dr. Eric Cole and learn how a world-class CISO utilizes data to generate success.

In this episode:

  • 0:45– Life is like a game
  • 0:58– Games are a constant feedback loop
  • 1:15– Let data drive decisions not emotions
  • 2:25– Watch your data then adjust your game plan
  • 6:30– Don’t keep practicing the wrong things
  • 7:40– World-Class CISOs are thought leaders
  • 9:11– Practice makes permanent
  • 11:15– Track your data
  • 12:40– Phase 1 is tweaking your resume
  • 13:18– Soul purpose of a resume is to get an interview
  • 14:11– Apply to 20 CISO positions
  • 17:50– How many CISO interviews have you done?
  • 20:16– Why are you waiting to start the process if it takes 12 months?
  • 23:30– Look at your data every week, adapt and adjust accordingly
  • 24:14– Spend time researching other CISO resumes
  • 25:08– Create an ideal fictitious CISO character
  • 25:30– You have more than you realize
  • 27:07– Phase 2 is getting an interview
  • 29:00– Talk business and research your company
  • 30:45– Phase 3 is follow up and showing interest in the company
  • 31:30– Put in the work and believe in yourself