How To Be An Excellent CISO

Dr. Eric Cole discusses the key characteristics of a world-class CISO in this episode of Life of a CISO. If you want to advance in your career, you have two choices. Option 1 is to make your own mistakes. Option 2 is to find people who have achieved your desired career goals and identify their characteristics, patterns, traits, and habits. Keep in mind that excellence is a habit, not an act. One of Eric’s most productive habits is a daily journal entry in which he asks himself, “What are three things I can do today to improve my life satisfaction?” You will discover that implementing this strategy will not only improve your mindset and reach but will improve your results.

Watch this episode of Life of a CISO, to identify and implement ways you can excel in your cybersecurity career path.

In this episode:

  • 1:00-Introduction

  • 2:40– Are you doing what you love?

  • 4:00– Do you feel like you’re making a difference?

  • 5:33– Identify 3 things you love about your job.

  • 8:00– Be as specific as possible

  • 8:35– Apply for 5 CISO positions

  • 9:35– Write down your objectives

  • 11:40– Question your day

  • 11:46– Huge difference between being busy and productive

  • 14:00– Exercise, read, and journal

  • 14:30– You are not as productive as you think

  • 15:18– Giving you the tools to become a world-class CISO

  • 17:15– Life is like a math problem

  • 17:50– CISOs focus on giving to the business

  • 20:38– If cybersecurity negatively impacts the business, you’re wrong!

  • 21:57– Think and act like a world-class CISO

  • 22:00– Handle competing priorities

  • 22:40– Being highly productive is a positive thing

  • 23:25– World-class CISOs are organized and structured

  • 23:40– CISOs speak multiple languages

  • 27:50– CISOs are up to date with cybersecurity news

  • 28:44– World-class CISOs can predict the outcome

  • 30:20– Be proactive

  • 30:35– Worst possible answer: I don’t know

  • 31:55– Keep focusing and continue to grow