How CISOs Handle An Emergency

Dr. Eric Cole empathizes in this episode of Life of a CISO that a world-class CISO should optimize high-priority items. We’ve all had those days when you start the workday with a “fire.” If the fire continues to spread your life is then consumed by a fire, burning all of your energy, productivity, and passion. Do you want to be a firefighter or a world-class CISO?

If you are struggling and want to achieve your objectives, the most important factor is to invest in yourself. Check your current situation. What do you want to do? What actions are you taking to achieve this goal? If you are ready to be challenged and are tired of feeling like a firefighter during the workday, you must provide yourself with unlimited resources. Investing in yourself is the first step to success.

Join this episode of Life of a CISO, and learn how not to be a firefighter, but how to be a world-class CISO.

In this episode:

  • 0:45– Helping you become World-Class CISO
  • 1:18– How important are your dreams and goals?
  • 1:38– Everybody needs help
  • 3:17– Invest in yourself
  • 4:14– Most of us are busy but not productive
  • 4:35– Where are you spending most of your time?
  • 6:00– Design your ideal week
  • 8:40– Actual day and ideal day are not the same
  • 8:58– Ideal day is focused on growth
  • 11:15– If it’s critical put it on the list
  • 12:23– Question your reality
  • 13:00– Wake up early to start your day
  • 14:15– Spend time focusing on what is important
  • 14:28– Start living your ideal day
  • 15:30– Understand how business work
  • 17:45– If you are not healthy, you can’t optimize your life
  • 21:08– Re-prioritize how you spend your time
  • 23:50– World-Class CISOs must do great at delegating tasks
  • 26:05– Put limitations on firefighting
  • 27:08– Put aggressive deadlines
  • 28:32– World-Class CISOs strategize a plan
  • 28:57– Question the status quo