Eric Cole on Insider Threat

Eric Cole on Insider Threat 2018-05-01T11:20:09+00:00

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It’s a common refrain…

It’s a common refrain in the C-suite. “Our employees are happy! We’ve got such a great culture that we don’t need to worry about insider threat!”

That may be true—it may very well be that yours is the rare organization that doesn’t need to worry about deliberate sabotage or information loss.

But even if you are… What are you doing about the unintentional insider? The one who makes damaging mistakes—clicking on an executable they shouldn’t, or plugging in a virus-filled USB he brought from home?

Yes, malicious insiders sometimes strike, but most often the people harming you are causing damage simply by using information in a way that’s not intended.

That’s why you need to double down on finding them. And you can start by reading your free copy of “Dr. Cole on Insider Threat.”

Experience this unparalleled chance to learn from Dr. Cole about one of the greatest issues facing executives today—the threat of cyber attack not from externals, but from deliberate or accidental attacks inside your walls. Download your free copy of “Dr. Cole on Insider Threat” by completing the short form below and clicking “Send me my copy.”