Difference between a World-Class Security Engineer and a World-Class CISO

In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole speaks about the importance of focusing on the positives in your life VS the negatives. Oftentimes we lose perspective and make our problems the focal point rather than working on coming up with the solutions.

He further expands his discussion towards enlightening us about the key quality CISOS must have and what they should focus on. 

Watch this episode to find more about what a CISO’s focal point should be and the difference between a World-Class Security engineer VS a World-Class CISO.

In this episode:

  • 1:20– Everyone has the potential to be World-Class
  • 2:40– Look at your current life to know what to focus on
  • 5:40– Get rid of your limiting beliefs holding you back
  • 8:40-What is CISO material?
  • 9:45– Stop creating artificial limitations
  • 10:10– Focus on the positive and not the negative
  • 10:45– Focus on what is there to help you grow
  • 16:12– Most people focus on what they don’t want
  • 17:17– What should a CISO be focused on?
  • 17:30– Focus on making cybersecurity a business enabler
  • 17:44– Focus on increasing the revenue within the organization
  • 18:18– If you focus on solutions, you get more solutions
  • 23:26– World-Class CISOs identify solutions
  • 29:04– Would you really change your mindset to be World-class?
  • 30:00– You must be willing to change your focus in order to be World-class