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Secure Anchor’s Consulting and Advisory practice draws on the wealth of knowledge held by our team’s security professionals, led by industry expert, Dr. Eric Cole. Our services supplement existing security practices and fill any gaps where security may be a concern.

Our team has decades of industry experience identifying, developing and implementing security requirements. Secure Anchor offers a wide range of professional services that address organizational security needs at every level.


Through an understanding of progressive security measurements, as well as a tailored approach to meet the specific needs of your organization, we assess your security posture from an internal perspective. The results of the assessment are presented in a way that allows you to prioritize your biggest risks so as to not misappropriate resources to less-critical vulnerabilities.

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Organizations in every industry are at risk of cyberattack and must protect personal data, resulting in extensive regulation and compliance requirements, such as the EU’s GDPR. Secure Anchor works in partnership with your organization to identify those requirements and create a strategy to address them through the most effective and efficient approach.

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Threat hunting is the act of aggressively tracking and eliminating cyberadversaries from your network as early as possible. It involves detecting and eliminating attackers proactively, so you incur less damage and see a quicker return to “business as usual.” In our approach, we utilize a proven 5 step method: Plan, Detect, Respond, Measure, and Prevent.

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We provide guidance and assistance in developing C-level governance of security. This includes creating visibility into the security of your organization’s networks and assets, creating metrics and parameters to identify real threats to security, and formulating strategies to maximize your defense and minimize the effect of any breach.

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We put decades of knowledge into action and assess the security of your network from an external perspective: the perspective of a malicious attacker. Unlike traditional penetration tests that exploit one or two low-level vulnerabilities, we perform a holistic test of all identifiable vulnerabilities.

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We understand that security is not a “one and done” exercise. After assessments have been conducted and baselines have been updated, you need continuous monitoring and ongoing improvement of security efforts. We set you up for success when it comes to long-term protection.

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