A CISO’s Guide To Customizing Solutions

In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole enlightens everyone to tap into their unique superpowers as every single person is blessed with one. What makes you unique and different from the rest? What is something you were always good at? To be a World-Class CISO, you must foster your abilities to customize a creative solution for the problem faced by your organization.

Watch this episode Life of a CISO to further understand how you must channel your abilities and formulate customized solutions to excel as a World-Class CISO.

In this episode:

  • 0:45– What is your superpower?
  • 1:00– What is the special ability that makes you unique?
  • 1:35– Every one of us has a superpower
  • 4:35– Make complex topics interesting and exciting
  • 7:15– Tap into your superpower to be World-Class
  • 15:30– Ask friends and family about your positive traits
  • 20:20– Make sure you foster your child’s superpower
  • 22:38– World-Class CISOs share their unique abilities with the world
  • 23:40– World-Class CISOs recognize cybersecurity must be customized
  • 24:00– Most CISOs complain the executives do not get it
  • 25:20– Any servers visible from the internet must be fully patched
  • 25:55– Servers visible from the internet must never contain critical data
  • 26:17– CISOs create customized solutions to the problems
  • 30:50– What if we test the top threats
  • 31:53– World-Class CISOs should work with different business units
  • 33:10– Customization and understanding are the keys to being a CISO