Protecting Your Business from Real Threats in the Virtual World


Based on news reports, you might think there’s a major cybersecurity threat every four to five months.


In reality, there is a cybersecurity attack happening every minute of every day.


Are You Prepared?

In Cyber Crisis, Dr. Cole provides cutting edge, real-world advice on how to protect your business and your family from today’s persistent cyber threats.
Andrew McCabe Former FBI Director and CNN Contributor and Author of NY Times Bestseller


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By the time they discover a breach, most individuals and businesses have been compromised for over three years. Instead of waiting until a problem surfaces, avoiding a data disaster means acting now to prevent one.



Introduction The Current Reality

Chapter 1 We Are All Targets

Chapter 2 We Live in Cyberspace

Chapter 3 The Hackers Are Here

Chapter 4 Mobile Weaknesses

Chapter 5 Your Life, Hanging in the Cloud

Chapter 6 They’re in Your Business

Chapter 7 National Infrastructure Attack

Chapter 8 Cyberspace: A Place with No Borders

Chapter 9 Surviving the Cyber Crisis

Cyber Crisis  is your guide to understanding the threat and putting together a proactive plan to minimize exposure and damage, and ensure the security of your business, your family, and your future.



Dr Eric Cole - professional cut out

DR. ERIC COLE has worked in cybersecurity for over 30 years, helping organizations of all shapes and sizes properly protect and secure their information. He began his career as a professional hacker with the CIA and learned that he could break into any computer that is accessible from the internet. He then used his expertise and knowledge to build companies focused on defensive solutions.

Dr. Cole has done work for Lockheed Martin and McAfee and has consulted clients all around the world, including Saudi Aramco, Nouryon, electrical utility companies, nuclear reactors, financial organizations, and healthcare providers. He performs security for the Gates family and was a commissioner for President Obama, for whom Dr. Cole continues to provide security advice.

Dr. Cole is a sought-after expert who has received many recognitions and has been inducted into the InfoSec Hall of Fame. He has written several books on cybersecurity, and he’s often featured on many news channels including CNN, Fox, CBS, and NBC. He was one of the authors of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s cybersecurity guide, and he received a cyber wingman award from the Air Force and was pinned with his Cyber Wings for building out and developing their entire cybersecurity program.





My name is Eric Cole and I am on a mission to make cyber space a safe place to live, work, and raise a family. 

Throughout my 30 year career I have consistently tried to understand the root cause of a problem and look for solutions to those problems and if a solution does not exist, create a solution.  Almost anyone, in any business has heard the term cybersecurity and in talking with executives, it is an area that they are very concerned with, yet most will admit they are not exactly sure what it is or what they can do about. 

As one CEO told me: “I spent money and did what the cybersecurity team told me to do, but we still suffered a significant breach and I feel helpless”.  As I continued to ask questions, I realized that the problem is a communication gap.  Executives and business leaders speak one language and cybersecurity engineers speak a different language. 

While there is a lot of information on cybersecurity written in technical language, I was not able to find a resource that was explaining the problem of cybersecurity in the language of business.  As I have done throughout my 30 year career, when there is a problem without a solution, I create the solution.  Thus the birth of Cyber Crisis. 

Cyber Crisis is written as a business resource that anyone can read to understand the problem and what you can do to fix it.  When you finish reading Cyber Crisis you will be empowered to recognize that you are a target, that cybersecurity is your responsibility, and what questions you need to ask to make sure you business is on the winning team when it comes to cybersecurity. 

Be ready for an amazing transformation and enjoy the journey into the world of cyberspace and learning about the number one problem facing your family, your business, your country, and the world because we are in the middle of a Cyber Crisis.


Eric Cole


Strong cybersecurity is essential for every individual and business in this time of elevated threats. In Cyber Crisis, Dr. Cole provides cutting edge, real-world advice on how to protect your business and your family from today’s persistent cyber threats.

Andrew McCabe

Former FBI Director and CNN Contributor and Author of NY Times Bestseller

Eric Cole is my ‘go to’ authority on cybersecurity. Not only is he an expert, he’s an expert explainer, which is invaluable to both businesses and the media. Cyber Crisis does a top notch job of explaining cybersecurity in a way that anyone can understand. I recommend him without reservation.

Joel Roberts

Former prime time host, KABC Radio, Los Angeles

Cybersecurity is one of the top threats facing any business.  In Cyber Crisis, Dr. Cole emphasizes the importance of not ignoring this critical threat and making it a top priority.  Dr. Cole does a great job of taking a very complex topic and making it easy to understand for any business.  This book is a must read for any executive in any business vertical.

Amit Yoran

Chairman & CEO Tenable, Former CEO of RSA

Cyber Crisis hits this issue head on, offering a brilliant presentation of a complex topic in a methodical, consumable format that enables non-technical leadership to rapidly grasp and prepare for cyber threats.  This book will be the gold standard for preparing senior leadership to manage this exploding threat.

William Costlow

President, Performance Marketing

Dr. Cole does a superb job of taking a very complex topic and presenting it in a way that is comprehensible and actionable for any type of industry or business.  This book is an essential read for every executive in any industry.

Rear Admiral Jim Finkelstein

US Navy (retired)

Cyber Crisis is a book for anyone and everyone. An easy read and unbelievably informative and eye opening. Whether you are a parent, business owner, CEO, CFO, governmental official, or an everyday hardworking individual that uses a smartphone or computer, you will learn something and not regret reading this book.

Peter Clark

NYPD Lieutenant Commander-Detective Squad

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