On this week of #CyberCrisis, Jimmy Cefalo connects with Dr. Eric Cole, on the hot top of TikTok regarding his new book Cyber Crisis – Protecting Your Business from Real Threats in the Virtual World.  Fascinating insight, especially given the rising topic of TikTok becoming banned on US government devices. A bill was recently introduced to the US Senate for the concern of TikTok featuring data concerns. For more on the topic, tune in and listen to Dr. Eric Cole’s response on protecting your data in cyberspace.

Learn More about Dr. Eric Cole:  Dr. Cole holds a master’s degree in computer science from New York Institute of Technology and a doctorate from Pace University, with a concentration in information security. He was a CIA hacker, a member of the commission on cybersecurity for the forty-fourth president and is a member of several executive advisory boards, including the Forbes Technology Council. He was inducted into the 2014 Infosecurity Hall of Fame. This is his seventh book, and he not only knows this subject well he knows how to present it so we understand it.