A CISO is more than a technical engineer with a promotion. He is a communicator.

In this weeks episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole talks about what makes a World Class CISO, World Class.

If you are looking to become a World Class CISO, that doesn’t mean that you are an excellent technical engineer who has earned a promotion; it means that you are able to communicate the cybersecurity needs to the C-level executives in a way that they can understand, and do the same for the technical engineers.

Technical engineers want 100% security, executives want 100% functionality, and neither is possible.

As a CISO, you must communicate this fact, and explain the risks and benefits of each approach.

Join Dr. Cole to learn how you can communicate like a World Class CISO.

In this episode:

  • 1:19 Check in
  • 2:08 Do it daily for at least 90 days
  • 5:07 Blue Ocean Strategy, Play Bigger, and other books to read
  • 8:12 Successful people all read, produce content and exercise
  • 9:58 Let’s get a little grounded
  • 10:55 A CISO is not a technical engineer with a promotion
  • 13:11 A world class CISO is bilingual: business and technical
  • 15:09 In any functional environment, 100% security doesn’t exist
  • 17:45 Technical folks spend every penny to try to make the organization 100% secure
  • 19:12 The three questions you have to ask
  • 22:06 Full awareness
  • 23:40 Point Break (2015)
  • 27:38 The most advanced attack we’ve ever seen
  • 28:44 Also, the simplest attack targeting a wide-open vulnerability?
  • 29:40 Is managing risk zero sum? (it isn’t!)