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Welcome to Secure Anchor Consulting, a worldwide leader in Information Security Services for public and private enterprise. Whatever your needs, from threat assessment to proactive systems integration, Secure Anchor has the vast experience and expertise to keep your personal and corporate property where it belongs: In your hands and under your control.

Our mission is to keep your business focused by helping you navigate the sea of security threats you face on a daily basis. Secure Anchor provides creative solutions that keep you ahead of the attacks and provide peace of mind that your critical assets are securely anchored.

For more on our broad range of services, and how we can strengthen your security profile, get to know Secure Anchor.

Two New Critical Offerings Every Organization Needs

Continuous Penetration Test

An organization is constantly changing, which means its security risks are always changing. Having a yearly penetration test has value but gives a static snapshot of the security of the system. Secure Anchor has a unique offering that allows an organization to constantly have a trusted agent identify and find vulnerabilities before an attacker exploits them.

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Keynote Speaking Engagements

Security is all over the news, showing that many organization do not understand the true risk of security and what they can do to prevent attacks to organizations. Secure Anchor specializes in giving keynote events at that corporate meetings and executive briefings. Secure Anchor has a dynamic way of making people understand the risk and show them what they can do to protect their critical assets. Topics can be customized to a clients needs but popular topics are:

  • Cyber Threats and Protecting an Organization
  • Keeping Your Family Safe on the Internet
  • Balancing Security with Business Functionality
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