Why you’re already a world class CISO and

don’t realize it yet

Join Dr. Eric Cole to learn about why you already have all of the skills necessary to become a World Class CISO but don’t realize it yet.

He gives a run down of all the things that make up a CISO and why the barrier for entry is a lot lower then most people have built up in their mind.

This week’s episode of Life of a CISO will help you find the confidence to take your next steps towards becoming a CISO today.

In this episode:

  • 0:55 Pick up your copy of Cyber Crisis
  • 2:40 Why the housing crisis is leading to a cyber crisis
  • 4:03 People over 65 are targeted for cybercrime
  • 4:30 Crypto wallet danger
  • 5:50 You are (already) a CISO
  • 8:04 Why do you want to spend 6 months preparing instead of 6 months working?
  • 8:25 What’s your plan?
  • 9:09 If there’s huge demand today, why wait 6 months?
  • 10:05 The statue of David story
  • 11:07 He saw the statue within the marble
  • 11:52 You’re the sculptor, your canvas is your life.
  • 13:25 What you think is minor can be major
  • 15:23 Why not today
  • 16:22 You have CISO skills
  • 18:30 If there are a few skills you don’t have, that’s no reason to stop
  • 20:09 Many people have trouble seeing within. Create an avatar
  • 21:33 Pause the video and do that, if possible
  • 25:50 What if you get an amazing offer before you think you’re ready?
  • 27:21 If you are in a CISO position and you do it for 12 hours a day, you reinforce technical skills
  • 28:40 Wrap up: The CISO is within you