Why Being a World Class CISO takes more than business and cybersecurity skills (Part 2)

In this episode of Life of a CISO Dr. Eric Cole concludes a 2 part series to explain what you need to do to become a World Class CISO.

This episode is about how your opinions and point of view can determine your success before you walk into the room with the executives. By choosing to go in and respect everyone in the room as a smart person you can revolutionize how effective you are at communicating your goals to them.

Join Dr. Cole to learn what your first steps are towards becoming a World Class CISO.

In this episode:

  • 0:00 This podcast isn’t about being average, it’s about being world class
  • 1:38 Don’t wait until January 1 to create a new year’s resolution
  • 3:14 360 evaluation
  • 3:47 Thoughts become things
  • 5:26 Relationships
  • 6:39 The downside of a short commute
  • 8:33 You want to know people and be known as a team player
  • 9:47 To be a world class CISO you must be a team player.
  • 11:15 Achieve your goals by helping others achieve their goals
  • 13:14 World class CISOs have great relationships
  • 13:49 Listen for five minutes before you speak
  • 15:24 Ask three questions
  • 16:51 If people aren’t speaking to you, here’s why
  • 18:45 network and build relationships
  • 20:15 The power of coffee
  • 21:04 Bring out your inner extrovert
  • 21:53 Business skills
  • 23:23 Where am I at, where do I want to be, what is the first step?
  • 24:32 Meditation/thinking time: A perfect day
  • 28:16 Perfect year