When You’re Committed, Every No is a

Step Closer to a Yes

In this episode of Life of a CISO, Dr. Eric Cole explains that if you want to be a world class CISO, you must be committed. 

This episode includes tips on how to better communicate with prospective employers that you are a world class CISO, and what to do to improve yourself and never stop learning.

In this episode:

  • 1:05 If you don’t have Cyber Crisis, you are missing out
  • 2:05 World Class Cisos are World Class Translators
  • 2:55 4 things to brief executives on
  • 4:05 Why you ask for more than you need
  • 4:35 “Are you a chicken or a pig?”
  • 6:52 How committed are you?
  • 7:31 What might be wrong with your resume
  • 9:43 Language on your resume
  • 12:52 If you want a CISO position, be fully committed and see what you can adjust
  • 14:23 When you’re committed, every no puts you closer to a yes
  • 15:35 Don’t compare yourself to others
  • 16:21 It doesn’t matter how much work you put in, you are a world class CISO if you do put in the effort
  • 17:17 “If I don’t have experience, no one’s going to hire me”
  • 20:09 If you own the interview, they won’t ask your experience
  • 21:14 Pick one of three: performance, functionality, security. Actually, pick all three
  • 23:10 Read every day
  • 24:44 Blue Ocean Strategy
  • 25:31 Play Bigger by being the category king
  • 27:53 Principles of business